Our pucks are top shelf.

Looking to score a quality puck light at an affordable price?

led cabinet puck lighting horizontal

1W Puck Light

80 Lumens
Low Voltage
Constant Current

3W Puck Light

190 Lumens
Low Voltage
Constant Voltage

4W Puck Light

180 Lumens
Low Voltage
Constant Current

Light up any corner.

A one piece flange ensures durability no matter how much they get knocked around. Eyelid and snoot flanges provide focus to make sure your light hits the mark.


Drivers for any scenario.

1 to 4 channel hardwired drivers accommodate any combination of puck lights in groups up to 16 per channel. Our 3W puck light also offers quick connectors and choice of a 1 channel wall plug driver. Put together a line-up tailored to your needs.

Our puck lights can practically disappear.

Measuring just over 1/2" in depth, they can be recessed flush into any standard 9/16" millwork and reduce the amount of lamp image on counter tops. So, if you're looking for a beautiful, affordable puck light that will practically disappear in your kitchen, you've scored.