Bend light to your will.

Our Contortionist™ series of hot adjustables twist and turn in ways you need to see to believe.

Trim + Light Engine + Housing

Engineered as a three piece system the trim, light engine, and housing configures to specific lighting needs. You can find trim and light engine options together. Housing options are located on the separate housing specifications.

Looks are ceiling deep.

Trims consist of interchangeable flange and reflectors, with a wide selection of finish choices for each. Once the housing is installed the trim clips into place, completing the luminaire.

Driven to shine.

The light engine is available in standard, with optional warm dimming, and premium series. Supporting up to 2 optional media lens the look and feel of your lighting can be tailored to specific environments. Sporting a wide array of color temperatures and lumen packages ensures you will arrive at exactly the right light.

A housing fit for a king.

360° Rotation. 40° Vertical Tilt. Hot adjustable. A T-handle hex key allows for the housing yoke to be adjustable at any given moment. Compatible with non-insulated and insulated ceilings with multiple shape options, the housings provide all the comfort a lighting project needs.


We've made our Contortionist™ more shallow.

Our Contortionist™ fixtures are now available with shallower trims, less than 2", and 20° adjustability.


Available in Wall Wash, Fixed, and Adjustable with lens and media options.


Available in Wall Wash, Fixed, and Adjustable with lens and media options.


Available in Round and Square with media options.

An easy fit for your lighting space.

We keep squeezing more lumens out of Contortionist™.

Now available up to 2300 lumens.

Warm up for the big show.

Our Contortionist™ downlights are warm dimming ready. From 3000K to 1800K, white light smoothly “warms” the color temperature, providing the soft luminance of halogen lighting while maintaining a high CRI value.