Only Contortionist™ let’s you bend light to your will.




3 Piece System

Our new Contortionist series of hot adjustables twist & turn in ways you'll need to see to believe. These dual axis marvels of flexibility can tilt and rotate with minimal light cutoff - which means - you can aim light precisely where it's needed. Engineered as a three piece system, the trim, light engine, and housing configures to specific lighting needs. The light engine itself is defined by a trifecta of module choices yielding light suited for your interior environment.


The limber housing mechanisms allow for an adjustable tilt of 40°, locking into the set position. On the x-axis the housing allows for 362° rotation, also lockable. Both sets of adjustments are hot adjustable, allowing for direction light setting without the hassle of having to imagine what the end result will be. All the while the housing is set on a dual axis system, providing precise aiming without the worry of shift after installation and setting.



Clean aesthetics of the ultra thin flanged (2mm) die cast trim shield the intricate mechanisms. This provides the capability for off-vertical rotating illumination within a 40° angle of view. A multitude of color combinations, via a two piece trim and reflector design, allow for the creation of a palette complimenting the surrounding interior environment. Conforming to national safety and regulatory requirements, the ContortionistTM Architectural Recessed Downlight is guaranteed to provide quality lighting well into the future.




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