Want to be warm or cool?

Choosing the optimal color temperature for your lighting makes all the difference. Looking to learn more about color temperature? Check out our full range of options.

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Color temperature?

“Warmth” or “coolness” of light influences the mood and ambiance of indoor spaces; lower color temperatures create a cozy atmosphere, while higher ones offer a more vibrant and energetic feel. Measured in degrees of Kelvin (K), a low correlated color temperature (CCT), such as 2700K, provides a more relaxing atmosphere for lounges and restaurant spaces. A higher CCT, such as 4000K, delivers a cooler and more stimulating environment often preferred in work and retail spaces.

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Standard Premium LED
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Standard & Premium LED

Our go-to color temperature selections range from 2000K to 4000K; coinciding with industry staples for illuminating a wide range of lighting environments from “warm” residences, restaurants, and lounges to “cool” retail, work, and corridors.

Specialized Premium LED
Phantom6 v02

Specialized Premium LED

Our premium LED is driven by Xicato LED modules, with intricate enhancements to further influence the mood and ambiance of indoor spaces. Simply put:

Xicato Beauty modules provide a flattering light for a range of skin tones, balancing daylight with the comfortable warmth of incandescent.

Xicato Vibrant modules produce a higher color gamut which enables people to see colors, hues, and tones, particularly for whites, reds, and blues, that simply aren’t visible under halogen light.”

Take the intensity out of understanding dimming.

We’ve gone through all the dimming options and protocols out there and selected the best optimal options for providing smooth, flicker-free dimming down to 1%.

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Traditional lighting (incandescent) dimming works by using electricity to heat a filament wire, making it glow. In essence, the more voltage the brighter the light.

LED light is a completely different matter, creating light from a diode that has just two states; on and off, light and dark. LED dimming works by managing a delicate balance between the on/off states via dimming curves, drive current, dimming rates, and levels.

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Color temperature Standard Dimming v02
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Standard Dimming Protocols

With standard dimming protocols, color temperature remains constant.

At Lightheaded we’ve done our homework to ensure you are provided with the best possible dimming options for smooth, flicker-free dimming from 100% all the way down to 1%.


Color temperature Warm Dimming v02
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Warm Dimming, the halogen replicate.

Warm dimming replicates the dimming curve of an incandescent light bulb, with a higher color temperature at brighter light (e.g. 3000K @ 100%) to a cozy warm color temperature at lower light (e.g. 1800K @ 1%).


Health LED 3000 3500K
210601 041 V2ND v02

Health LED, the halogen replicate.

BIOS® SkyBlue® lighting is designed with human biology in mind to provide the specific light that our bodies actually need. The color temperature follows the same circadian rhythm experienced via natural daylight.

Avoid being dull around color.

You'll be surprised how much of a difference color accuracy makes.

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Color accuracy?

The type and intensity of lighting significantly influence color accuracy, as colors can appear distorted or shifted under different lighting conditions. Adequate lighting control is essential to ensure consistent and accurate color perception.



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Color Rendering Index

Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how accurately, on a scale to 100, a light source displays colors compared to the spectrum of daylight, with higher CRI values indicating better color accuracy.

Be in control of color.

All Lightheaded products come with choice color temperature and dimming options. Pair light with whichever luminaire aesthetic you desire.

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