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Camber Taper

Our Camber+Taper™ luminaires feature beveled die-cast trims and regressed glass lenses for a sleek, modern, low profile look. Camber and Taper are ideal for hospitality, retail, mixed-use residential and office towers. The BIOS® SkyBlue Dynamic Spectrum lighting provides full daytime circadian stimulus, communicating directly with human circadian biology.

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    Available Trims

    2-124 Taper Fixed
    2-154 Taper Lensed Fixed
    2-156 Taper Adjustable
    2-524 Camber Fixed
    2-554 Camber Lensed Fixed
    2-556 Camber Adjustable
    4-524 Square Fixed
    4-556 Square Shallow
    4-564 Square Adjustable
    4-584 Square Pinhole

    The right prescription for health care environments.

    Utilized throughout the Sheppard Pratt Hospital, our Guardian™ fixtures provide exceptional tamper, water, impact and anti-microbial protection.

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