We’ve been told we have
a beautiful set of pipes.

Our award-winning LED Pipe™ cylinders are available in a wide range of beautiful colors and textured metallic powder-coated finishes.

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Our LED Pipe™ family of cylinders provide Architects and Lighting Designers with limitless lighting solutions. Solve any lighting problem and make a dramatic statement with either a Surface Fixed Mount, Surface Adjustable Mount, Pendant Mount or Wall Mount fixture when using a Lightheaded LED Pipe™.

Commercial Indoor Category Winner!

Thank you Lightfair for recognition of the hard work and sweat we put into our adjustable cylinders.

Grand Opening!

Our award-winning LED Pipe™ fixtures are now available in 5" diameter aperture.

Pendant Mount

30° Hang straight.
8' Cord length (standard).
3" & 5" Diameters.

Wall Mount

Downlight, uplight or combined.
ADA compliant.
3" & 5" Diameters.

Fixed Surface

Accommodates tight spacing.
3" & 5" Diameters.

Adjustable Surface

65° Tilt from Nadir.
350° Rotation.
3" Diameter.

Integrate among open ceiling concepts.

We've got the solution.

Our sleek clean cylinders can be ordered with a host of options from specialty lenses to color finishes and illuminate packages up to 5500 lumens. Let Lightheaded's LED Pipe™ complete your lighting package. Whatever your project requires, Lightheaded can help meet your needs.

No problem. We'll warm that right up for you.

Our LED Pipe™ cylinders are warm dimming ready. From 3000K to 1800K, white light smoothly “warms” the color temperature, providing the soft luminance of halogen lighting while maintaining a high CRI value.