Even when the power fails you our Emergency Downlights won’t.


Power. Stored for emergencies.

Proper illumination to exit a premises during a power failure is critical for safety. Our Emergency Housing with its integrated driver, Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery & test button provides illumination for up to 90 minutes.

Reliable light at the touch of a button.

The quick access test button allows you to ensure the fixture is fully powered at any point in time. Simply press the test button when the power is turned off. 


1000 Lumens. 90 Minutes.

The Emergency Housing battery back provides up to 1000 initial lumens for the 90 minutes. Normal operations will witness the luminaire smoothly dim down to 10% using 0-10V dimming protocol, a perfect match to all other 0-10V Lightheaded products. Also available for commercial spaces utilizing 277V input power.