So bright, you would even say it glows.

Our patented N.O.S.E Light is ideal for guiding sleighs on foggy Christmas nights.

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Save Christmas with our patented N.O.S.E. Light™ LED light.

Ensuring that all children have a Christmas that they will remember for the rest of their lives is priority number one with Santa. It also happens to be priority number one with all of us at Lightheaded. That is why we took it upon ourselves to create an upgrade for Rudolph’s “Shiny Red Nose”. Sure it's been glowing bright for many, many years, but with more intense winters recently, climate change and all, we felt it necessary to help Santa and his crew be better prepared for the dark night sky.

Sorry Dark Sky Advocates, but for one night we felt it needed to be bright! Inside Rudolph’s new N.O.S.E. (Nighttime Optical Snout Emitter) light is a perfect blend of today’s and tomorrow’s LED and laser technology, seamlessly incorporated to produce perfect intensity, distribution & CRI to name but a few. Behind the shiny red glow is a plethora of technology necessary to guide any sleigh, especially at the speeds Santa flies at.

NOSE Light Fixture

High Power 638nm Red Diodes circle the perimeter of the N.O.S.E. light to give Rudolph that unmistakable red glow that he is oh so famous for.

FPGA IC (Field Programmable Gate Array) works in concert with wireless voice control via Bluetooth v25.

Varying intensity NIGEL Laser providing up to 1.21 Jinglewatts 250 Million CBCP, able to reach a staggering 2000 miles or 3218 km.

Adaptive beam controls the hydraulic Catadioptric focal lens, allowing free movement of illumination required for all the twists and turns needed to quietly land on any rooftop.

2 AAAA Lithium NICK rechargeable batteries capable of holding a full 24-hour charge.

Sleigh controlled intensity module, goes to 11.

Zero Field Angle.

NOSE Light Fixture Cutaway

Wishing you a Wonderful Holiday Season
From all of us at Lightheaded Lighting.

Please note our office will be closed
December 24th, 2021 and re-open January 3rd, 2022.

NOSE Light Rudolph