Easy on the eyes and the budget.

Our top-selling Aurora + Miro luminaires feature regressed LED modules and optics for glare-free downlighting

Aurora. Beautiful. Affordable.

With a myriad of reflector, trim, and color temperature combinations, Aurora blends discretely with any décor. The 2 1/2" regressed lamp delivers high lumens without glare, while 20° aiming (3 series only) increases flexibility.

Miro. Glare-free viewing.

Miro integrates a slightly canted square reflector which minimizes glare, allows for 20° of adjustability (3 series only) and permits for a selection of interior finishes. Select beam spreads, reflector finishes, and trim colors for optimal effort.

Downlights don't have to be a strain on the eyes, or wallet.

Have a nice, warm day.

Our Aurora + Miro downlights are warm dimming ready. From 3000K to 1800K, white light smoothly “warms” the color temperature, providing the soft luminance of halogen lighting while maintaining a high CRI value.