Our pucks are top shelf.

Looking to score a quality puck light at an affordable price?

led cabinet puck lighting horizontal

The right prescription for hospital environments.

Utilized throughout the Shepard Pratt Hospital, our Guardian™ fixtures provide exceptional tamper, water, impact and anti-microbial protection.

led recessed health downlight guardian lighting c07 horizontal

An unexpected upside.

We’ve added an independently-controlled uplight to our 5" stem-mounted LED Pipe Cylinders. Now you can add indirect lighting without adding more fixtures or expense.

cylinder led pipe c12 horizontal

Peak performance pipes.

We’ve worked hard on our award-winning LED Pipe™ Cylinders so they can out-perform in any lighting environment.

cylinder led pipe c11 horizontal

They’re drop-down gorgeous.

Our award-winning LED Pipe™ Cylinders are now available in a Rigid-Stem Adjustable Pendant. They’re perfect for lighting inaccessible areas and open ceiling spaces.

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Sometimes we like it Frosted.

Our Purist™ fixtures with the Frosted Lens option softens the light for even illumination, even in wet locations.

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led recessed downlight purist ligting c09 hompage horizontal

Purist Narrow Beam lets you highlight only what’s important.

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led recessed downlight purist ligting c08 hompage horizontal

We're flush with excitment.

Our Wood Trimless was designed to fit flush with the ceiling plane.

Purist c07 Vertical Banner 01

We're really into wood ceilings.

Our new 2” Trimless Purist was specially designed to fit flush with the ceiling plane.

Purist c07 Vertical Banner 02