We’ve been told we have a beautiful set of pipes.

Our award-winning LED Pipe™ Cylinders are available in a wide range of beautiful colors, flange accents, and textured metallic finishes.

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Need to illuminate your precious art?

Make all the colors stand out with our Wall Wash option, now available in the 5 inch LED Pipe Cylinders.

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Connected like never before.

Lightheaded Opus fixtures are now available with Lutron Athena Wireless Node System.

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Opus Premium isn’t just on target, it IS the target.

Discerning Specifiers & Designers look to our Premium Opus product offering when Color Point Consistency over time is the target.

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Almost anything can happen when a family gets together.

Combine our Minimalist family of fixed, adjustable, and wall wash LEDs any way you like to solve almost any lighting problem.

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Take the house every time.

Now with more features than ever, our 2" Purist downlights are an easy win for any residential or commercial space.

led recessed downlight purist ligting c11 horizontal

Guardian hailed a Lighting Solution!

With IP65 Water, IK10 Impact, and Antimicrobial protection, Guardian is ideal for hospitals, correctional facilities, institutions or anywhere security is a concern.

led recessed health downlight guardian lighting c10 horizontal

Signal for us when you need security!

Our vandal-resistant Guardian™ downlights are IK10 impact rated, with optional IP65 water ingress protection and Antimicrobial finishes. They protect from whatever the environment throws their way.

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Even the price is small.

Get the smallest LED’s we’ve ever made without
breaking the bank.

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led recessed minimalist lighting c09 small price vertical

Available in more lamp configurations than you can shake a stick at.

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Change trims, optics, and lenses without skipping a beat.

Our Opus™ luminaires are an engineering masterpiece that lets you make changes as quickly as; a-one, and a-two, and a-three.

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