Signal for us when you need security!

Our vandal-resistant Guardian™ downlights are IK10 impact rated, with optional IP65 water ingress protection and Antimicrobial finishes. They protect from whatever the environment throws their way.

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The right prescription for health care environments.

Utilized throughout the Sheppard Pratt Hospital, our Guardian™ fixtures provide exceptional tamper, water, impact, and anti-microbial protection.

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Our Opus™ 70° wide flood will have you beaming from



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Small in stature, grand in illumination.

At only 2” tall, the 5 lamp Minimalist™ delivers an amazing 930 glare free lumens. Enough to impress even the sharpest dressed critics.

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No Biggie.

Just the smallest LEDs we’ve ever offered. Available in fixed, adjustable, and wall wash in select 1, 3, 5, 10 & 15 lamp configurations.

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Even the price is small.

Get the smallest LED’s we’ve ever made without
breaking the bank.

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Available in more lamp configurations than you can shake a stick at.

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Nothing gets Overlooked.

2" Purist™ luminaires are designed without compromise. We made sure of that.

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Purist Narrow Beam lets you highlight only what’s important.

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Sometimes we like it Frosted.

Our Purist™ fixtures with the Frosted Lens option softens the light for even illumination, even in wet locations.

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