A lighting plan is a delicate balancing act.

Looking for a company that will keep your plan rock solid?

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For 35 years, we’ve been obsessively solving your lighting problems.

And we have video to prove it.

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The right prescription for health care environments.

Utilized throughout the Sheppard Pratt Hospital, our Guardian™ fixtures provide exceptional tamper, water, impact, and anti-microbial protection.

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Signal for us when you need security!

Our vandal-resistant Guardian™ downlights are IK10 impact rated, with optional IP65 water ingress protection and Antimicrobial finishes. They protect from whatever the environment throws their way.

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You told us you wanted less noise.

And we listened.

Reduce visual noise with our adjustable Opus Pinhole fixtures.

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Our Opus™ 70° wide flood will have you beaming from



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Almost anything can happen when a family gets together.

Combine our Minimalist family of fixed, adjustable, and wall wash LEDs any way you like to solve almost any lighting problem.

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Sometimes we like it Frosted.

Our Purist™ fixtures with the Frosted Lens option softens the light for even illumination, even in wet locations.

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We're flush with excitment.

Our Wood Trimless was designed to fit flush with the ceiling plane.

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We're really into wood ceilings.

Our new 2” Trimless Purist was specially designed to fit flush with the ceiling plane.

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"Opus left me on the edge of my seat!"

- Light Specifiers

Opus luminaires™ bring together modularity and precision in a sound package that will leave you in awe.

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