Our new slim profile plug & play range of LED puck lights measure just over 1/2" in depth so they can be recessed flush into any standard 5/8" millwork. Engineered with the latest generation LED technology, these low voltage millwork pucks can be energized in any combination from 1 to 12 fixtures per driver. So if you're looking for a beautiful, affordable puck light that will practically disappear into your millwork, you've scored!

You call the shots.

With our ease-of-use quick connectors you can plug up to 6 puck lights into each supporting power supply. Available drivers include a single channel cord-set version, a hard-wired one channel version and a hard-wired two channel version (that powers up to 12 pucks total). Plus, all power supplies smoothly dim using phase dimming down to 10%. Best of all, the puck lights and drivers can be purchased individually, allowing you to build exactly the combination of drivers and pucks you'll need. 

Hardwired, 1 Channel & 2 Channel drivers

Complimenting the puck lights, our drivers help push 190 lumens at 2700K or 3000K color temperatures (CCT) with a CRI value of 90 and have a L70 value of 50,000 hours (8 hours a day for over 17 years). With longevity in mind, they are supported with a 4 year warranty.

Contact Lightheaded Lighting or your local rep to obtain a sample kit demonstrating the capabilities of our new pucks. The kit includes the pucks in all 3 finishes, a 20W hardwired driver so you can easily plug it into an outlet without any fuss, and an optional dimmer switch extension in order to allow you to experience the product first hand and from the front row.

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